Hi, I'm Eric

Web Publisher and aspiring Front End Developer


A bit about me

I'm a currently a Web Publisher with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with about 1.5 years of front end experience. I'm passionate about building beautiful, responsive websites and smooth user interfaces. I also enjoy learning new coding languages, frameworks and further honing my skills in the languages I know.

For example, this site is built using React and Gatsby.

I was introduced to front end work through my employer and decided to pursue it further using online, self-paced learning. I really enjoy front end development and am looking for more opportunities to deepen the breadth and scope of my career in this field.

HTML5 100%

CSS3/SCSS 100%

JavaScript/jQuery/JSX 90%

CLI/Git/Bash 80%


What I know

Front end development

Proficient in the use of HTML5, CSS3\SCSS, JavaScript/JQuery/JSX and Node.js for developing effective and charming websites.

Learned these languages and object-oriented programming principles through a combination of formal in-class, virtual classroom and online self-paced learning. In specific:

Enthusiastic about responsive, performant and accessible UX; constantly seeking ways to increase my knowledge in these ares.


Where I've been

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